Google OA面经

2018/11/14 做了Google的OA,还是老题。

第一题, Tree Node那个,俩loop暴力搜。

第二题, Store 和 house那个, 先对store进行排序,然后binary search。

HR很快给了回复,让填了一个questionare, 然后跟我说:

I’ve passed your information along to the hiring team who will review your full application. If they would like to proceed they will reach out. While I am no longer your primary point of contact going forward, I’ll be cheering you on from behind the scenes!



你好 问一下是不是收到questionnaire就是oa过了?我也是做完oa第二天收到的的questionnaire

我觉得是的,但是有没有电面应该是由hiring team决定的。求互加~~