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问了 Merge K Sorted List 的变种

Given a list of files, each file containing any number of sorted strings, merge them into a single file.
You can use the following methods as helpers if needed -

File.readLine() -> returns the next line in the file
File.hasNext() -> boolean if this has more lines
File.writeLine(String) -> write a line to the file
The signature of the method is public File merge(List files) { … }

At the end of the code implementation, was asked to write the different test cases that the code should be tested against as well as implement a few tests using Junit and any Mock framework of choice.
The tests cases I suggested were -

  1. Empty input list
  2. Null input list
  3. happy case - multiple files, each file having multiple alphabetical strings in them
  4. one or more file having non-alphabet chars (e.g. special chars)
  5. multiple files, but one or more of them is empty / null
  6. list having just 1 file