Snowflake 两轮店面

面的组是 Data Platform team

猎头面 (25 分钟) - Basically the recruiter goes through your interests and gives you some background about the different teams at Snowflake. Some information gathering regarding any outstanding offers that you might have and some behavioral questions. After this they setup two phone screens with two of their engineers.

店面 1 (60 分钟)
10 mins - General Introduction (Background and Resume)
40 mins - Coding
10 mins - Any questions regarding Snowflake

So the interviewer told me that he is going to ask me two questions starting with an easier problem.
Q1 - Remove all the element of B which are present in A (A and B are arrays). Both the array can consist of duplicates and are not sorted.
Q2 - Binary Tree Inorder Traversal. He told me I would get a bonus point if I could do it in constant space (Basically using Morris Inorder Traversal)

店面 2 (60 分钟)
He skipped the 10 min resume review portion as I had already talked about it in my previous interview as he wanted to give me more time for the problem.
50 mins - Coding
10 mins - Any questions regarding Snowflake

Q1 -

I feel the interviewers where super nice and helped me when I got stuck. Morever, the also asked many follow ups regarding my code.

Once you pass the phone screen there is a 3 round onsite including Coding, System Design, Lunch and Behavioral.