Bloomberg 纽约过经和包裹



  1. Delete minimum paranthesis to make it valid.
  2. Flatted 2D linked list.


  1. Given an array (with negative numbers), find the length of smallest subarray with sum > k.
  2. Some problem with some complex stock facade, but basically involved binary search. Went into floating point arithmetic gotcha.


  1. LRU Cache, code all of it.
  2. Iterator for post order traversal.
  3. Bonus questions: Design some stock system, which can calculate mean, variance, optimal investing strategy (ad-hoc requirements were created)

第三轮 (HR):
Mostly why bloomberg etc.

第四轮 (EM):
Talked about experience, past internships, etc. No technical questions asked.

地点: NewYork
Salary: $140,000
Bonus: $15000
Relocation: $10,000
Signing Bonus: 0
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): ~$165K
Standard Offer / no negotiation

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