Factset 上门过经

Status: New grad, MS in CS at SBU
Position: Student
Experience : 1 year
Location: Norwalk CT
Date: 1 Nov 2019

Technical On-Campus Round (1 hour):

  • Debugging Question: Was asked choice of languages for the code : Java /C++. I chose C++. There was an implementation written for LinkedList with the class and their functions. We need to find all the bugs as many as possible in the class.

2nd OnSite Interview (5 interviews):

  • 1st Round : Gave a Demo of the FactSet product
  • 2nd Round: Algorithm Question
  • 3rd Round: Design OOPs question. (Design Poker Gamer). He was more interested in the classes and their relations with each other.
  • 4th Round: Behavioral round with Hiring Manager.
  • 5th Roundl: Lunch Interview with Two People. (Behavioral)