Starbucks Lead SDET 西雅图挂经

Current :
Status: BS CS (foreign), YOE 5(foreign) + 3 (USA) = 8;
Position: QAA L2 at Indeed
Location: Seattle, WA

Interview date (+/-):
Date: November 3, 2019

Interview process:

  1. Contacted via Linkedin by internal requiter
  2. Phone screen - 30min
  3. Got link to the hackerrank assesment:
    3 problems for 1 hour, all of them are Easy (merge sort for 2 sorted arrays, some string manipulation, etc)
  4. Technical phone screen with Snr QA Manager
    Manager asked super simple questions, I can’t say it was technical phone screen e.g.: - did you work with agile? or watefall. - did you work with SaaS.

Results : rejected with no reason

Strange interview, strange process. They require Manual and Automation work for Lead SDET. They use Python for automation for non python environment just because it’s “open source”.