Mathworks EDG New Grad Natick, MA 过经

CS小硕,面的是 Software Engineer in EDG
地点 Natick (Boston), MA, USA
日期 October 30th, 2019

Online Assessment

1- 20 Minute Hirevue. Behavioural questions (Why Mathworks?, Why this role?, One question on Conflict management, Graduation and Immigration Status)

2- 3 Parts.
1st part was 7 Math probability questions in 15 minutes (Compulsory Section)

Option between 2nd part (Coding) or 3rd part(Matlab MCQs)
2nd part was 2 coding questions (Leetcode medium) - I remember only 1.

Phone Screen

1- Technical Phone Screen (45 Minutes)

  • Object Oriented question (Hotel Reservation System)
  • Reiterated over one of the questions from the online assessments (Wanted to know my approach and reasons for the approach). Was asked follow ups on for this question.
  • 1 Leetcode medium. (

2- Manager Screen
25 minute behavioural interview with a manager.

Onsite Interview

1- 2 Hour long Technical Interview

2- 1 Hour long Behavioural Interview with a manager (In depth behavioural discussion with questions on resume as well)

Lunch in between with 2 engineers from the team.

3- 1 Hour long Behavioural Interview with a HR person (Not as intense as the managerial interview. More about getting to know about Mathworks)

Overall, I had a great experience.

Heard back a positive response the next day itself. They are moving forward to next steps - background and references check. The final offer is contingent on positive responses from this background and references check.