Expedia SDE2 西雅图过经

我有五年经验,目前是亚麻SDE 2,CS小硕,PIP后跳槽

Online Assessment - HackerRank (90 minutes):

  • 2 Medium, 1 Hard. Standard Leetcode problems.

Onsite (4 rounds)

Round 1: Coding round

  • Variation of https://leetcode.com/problems/merge-k-sorted-lists/ , a simpler version. It took me a while to understand the problem statement and the interviewer was kind enough to explain the question clearly. I got the working solution in about half hour but the interviewer wanted an optimal solution. The interviewer actually steered me to the optimal solution. I got the optimal solution in just nick of time. The interviewer was pretty much satisfied with the solution.

Round 2: Coding plus some technical concepts

  • https://leetcode.com/problems/k-closest-points-to-origin/ . Follow up questions on how the PQ will maintain the k elements.
  • Find a duplicate from n sequential numbers. One and only one duplicate present, numbers start from 1…n. This was fairly simple problem, took me about 5 mins to come up with the solution.


Round 3: Behavioral

  • Regular Tell me about a time… questions, I tried to answer in STAR pattern.

Round 4: Design

  • Design a Logger.
  • Design Expedia like site.

First things first Leetcode rocks , had it not been for Leetcode I wouldnt be able to crack a Seattle company. To tell you the truth I have considered myself below par in terms of knowing my Data structures and algorithms, I came across Leetcode earlier this year and I saw the community is so supportive and motivating that I decided to give it a try. There were times, I was not able to solve even the easiest of the easy problem and I just felt demotivated and dumb. I kept trying and trying and trying, I realised there are patterns to many of the problems that gets asked in an interview. If I can try to crack the pattern then I should be able to crack similar questions. For e.g., questions of the type K most/Max K/Min K or Buy and Sell Stock problems . All I can say is after preparing from Leetcode I was a different person during the interviews.

About the company, This was my second attempt and I am glad I was able to crack it. Expedia is very employee friendly company and I happened to share the passion for travel with the company. The perks, benefits and compensation is pretty much the same as one would expect from a Seattle company.


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