Bloomberg LP SWE New Grad 店面和上门

I’m an undergraduate student. For the phone screen, the interviewer asked for a basic introduction and we moved on to two technical questions:

  1. Linked List Intersection:
  2. Occurence Sort: Given a string, sort the string based on the number of times a letter appears in that string from most occuring to least occuring. For letters having the same ocurrence, sort based on lexicographic order.
  • example: s = “bloomberg”, output should be “bbooeglmr”

I had two technical rounds for the on-site. Both rounds began with giving an introduction and doing a deep dive of a project on your resume. The interviewers asked a lot of follow up questions about the project so it’s good to prepare an answer prior to your interviews!

  1. Round 1:
  1. Round 2:

Overall, I would say I have had the BEST experience interviewing with Bloomberg. Their interviewers are very friendly and collaborative. They let you take your time and really shell out your thoughts.