Capital One 实习过经

我现在在 Junior, state school,有过3个实习, 2 @ BigN
面的岗位是 SWE Intern @ Capital One
地点: McClain, VA/Richmond, VA

Backstory: Had an on-site interview when C1 came to my campus this week. I did not have a prior phone interview or anything, they just scheduled this with me a month after I talked to them at the career fair.

The interview had 3 parts:

  1. Behavioral (45 min)
  2. Case Study (45 min)
  3. "Job fit" AKA technical interview (45 min)

Thoughts: Case study + behavioral went really well, but the technical interview could have been better. Having 15 min each for two medium problems on a piece of paper is rough. Kinda surprised at the job fit questions I got considering glassdoor reviews tended to say I should expect a leetcode easy.

收到offer 了