AI Engineer 内推 -- New York City, NY

As an AI Engineer (CAI) you will join our Conversational AI team responsible for creating high-performance conversational systems. You will create dialogue systems that interact with the user using advanced initiative and turn-taking approaches, explore new approaches for rapidly deploying these systems, and see your technology make a meaningful impact to real customers
of known brands.

Essential Job Functions

·Support development of omni-channel conversational AI products

·Integrate statistical and symbolic approaches to decision making

·Conceive, implement, and evaluate conversational interactive systems.

·Work closely with research teams to bring differentiating technologies
into our dialogue platform.

·Contribute to the technical thought leadership of the company through
conference presentations, publications, meet-ups, and professional service.


·Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering,
Linguistics or related field.

·Industry experience or class work in dialogue management

·Strong knowledge of Machine Learning or symbolic reasoning

·Overall understanding of speech and language processing technology.

·Strong software background with a high level of proficiency in at least one of: Python, Java, or C++.

·Strong background and experience in the application of machine learning to dialog and NL tasks.


·Industry experience building interactive conversational systems using Python

·Experience with TensorFlow and/or PyTorch

·Experience conducting experimental evaluations of interactive systems

·Demonstrated ability and drive to take results from research experiments and incorporate them into working software prototypes


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