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1 Sharpness Value
2 Max island size
Follow up: what if we can flip some cell, return the current max number of island size after the flip…
Union find ba… check leetcode, number of islands series
3. Web Crawler

  • 面經有提這,但一直没人詳細講這題,面完終於清楚問題 及 他expect multi threading 怎樣,打算之後寫個blog 關於這 給出Solution。 現在還未有空寫
    如果想要solution 請,及聯系我

补充内容 (2018-9-14 22:41):
https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/In … 7npLjRBjrAKA5AOBsaM

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當時掛了太傷心,好像忘了補貼這個,那個是Detailed Prep &Solutions:

Q1: FindSharpness Val

The same question but change the way it asks… into water level, land elevation.
But, my interview seems not very familiar with the solution, I need to explain him the dp. and the logics all these things…
the i, j , all these indexing make it hard to understand as well…
I make one logic bug and find out during testing… it is I switch the two nested loop
I made wrong…
for(int i=0; i<m…)
for(int j=1; j<n; …)
This is wrong, the outer loop should be the col loop as we move from left to right…

Talk a bit about my proposal on optimised space usage… just store one prev column and use one var called prev…
There is no ask on what if the input is very large etc…

Problem in details:
Let say, I have a water level x;

in the matrix, left to right, find a path that is not get flooded by the water…(means the height/elevation that cell represents should be > x)///
well, in the path, we pick the smallest val, and that smallest val has to be >x…
Then we find the path which give that best value… so we can assue there is always a path if x is not greater or equal to that value…
(same problem as sharpness val then)

No follow up… the space optimised is suggested by me…


Q2: Find the largest island…

Just leetcode question,
I got one small bug regarding visited marking,… I didn’'t mark the starting point as visited… find it out during testing and corrected.

Follow up:

  1. What if we start with board with all 0… and there is fun can flip the cell (i, j) value;
    each time after the function call, return the current largest island…
    like leetcode addLand… num of island II

//no need to write exact working code…
//explained Union find … and
// assumed api for find set… and set set … etc…
just write a piece of logic…

  1. Ask about the running time…
  • I gave some explanation over the worst case of UF, and path compression and weighting etc… saying hard to prove the running time … it is nlog*n after optimised etc

Q3: Web Crawler

First, single thread version…
Talked a bit about DFS, BFS, stack overflow… endless depth etc problem…
Implemented simple BFS, using result set to do visisted checking as well

Which part is bottle neck: the getURL part… network latency etc… parser etc
I mentioned Master / slave model, and how it can be achieved using ThreadPool, Callable, and check futures…
and metioned it is even more efficient if we don’'t do the syn of these queue, set checking logic just let master manage all these… he seems like this…

Then, he asked, in some language/machine, there is no support of threadPool, how would we do it …
He gave an API… to let you avoid writing some setup code///
setThread(THREAD_COUNT, method)…
implement the method… actually it is the BFS method… but with right locking

There is some back and forth about where to put lock, and
also asked the terminating conditions… (queue is empty and no working thread)

public void crawl() {
        while(true){ //this simplify my code for locking / unlock
                if(q.isEmpty() &amp;&amp; workingThread<1) {

                //need to use while to guard it
                while(q.isEmpty()) {//queue is empty but cannot terminate yet
                        wait(); //wait will release the lock...
                String currURL = q.poll();

                //you don''t want to lock the part that takes most time and that part is not accessing common data
                String newURLGathered = getURL(currURL);

                        add to q &amp; add to result set
                notifyAll(); //in case there is someone waiting due to empty queue.



他假設有這樣的一個API,你只需要implement 那method,
setThread(THREAD_COUNT, method)…

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