ServiceNow 校园面 Summer Intern

My name was called for Round 1. Excited and Nervous I took a pen and resume, went inside. Greeted the interviewer seemed to be nice.
Asked me what have you done till now? Honestly I had a lot of thing to speak in that regard. But I restrained to my college Academic Life and my projects. He asked me to explain the project done during the last internship to him, he seemed satisfied. I showed him the android app that I made during my last internship, but he wasn’t that interested.
He threw up a question on array. The Question was to find the pair of numbers whose sum equals a given number. From past interview I remembered not to give best approach in first shot. Brought the solution from O(n^2) to O(nlogn) to O(n). He asked me write the code for O(n).Wrote the code. He reads the code for next 10 minutes explained him each and everything in that regard seems satisfied. Moves on to the next question, asked the algorithm to check whether a given linked list is in palindrome or not. Again give him two approaches, he seems satisfied. Hand over me my resume. After 5 minutes, I was asked to leave. Not qualified round 2.
Why??The interview was perfectly fine, what went wrong? Why was I rejected? Please anyone provide some feedback on this. What do I need to Improve here.