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给⼀个list of 2d points 然后输出⼀个equation ⽐如 y=2x,这个线穿过最多的点。




我考了 变种

Given a binary string of size N and a positive integer K, calculate the number of operations required to convert this string to zero string by applying the following operation any number of times.
Operation: Let X is the index of first ‘1’ bit from left side, then Flip all the X’th, X+K, X+2K, X+3K… bits of string.
1 <= N <= 10^6
1 <= K <= N

Input: 100010010011110, K = 2
Step-1: 001000111001011
Step-2: 000010010011110
Step-3: 000000111001011
Step-4: 000000010011110
Step-5: 000000000110100
Step-6: 000000000011110
Step-7: 000000000001011
Step-8: 000000000000001
Step-9: 000000000000000


Brute force is easy; O(n^2 / k )

Optimization thought
I believe we need to use % operator here since X’th, X+K, X+2K, X+3K… that means x + pK where p= 1,2,3…
that left x as reminder.

Any thought how to solve this?

As per interviwer we can solve it in O(n) time and O(1) space