Ask data scientist 电面面筋, 公司在Oakland。 网上海投的收到电面,来的很突然没怎么准备就上了,感觉不是很fit,面试整个过程也比较不好,面试官非常push,是组里的[Data Science] manager.下面上面筋:

Past experience using programming to solve problem? Any Challenges? How you use programming to solve it?

Difference of list, dictionary, dataframe (pros and cons)

Why use dictionary?
Something related to time complexityPast experience using Machine Learning to do classification? How you do it?

Eg. Why KNN? (Pros and Cons), how you use it?
How to measure the result is overfitting?
Use what to measure the result is good or not?
Why not choose other ML algorithms? If use other algorithm(eg, logistic regression), what’'s the pros and cons? How to measure the result?

How to interpret your result to non technical? Example? Experience? 求,祝大家找工顺利

楼主做过他家的data challenge吗, 我是那关跪了。好像知道到底要怎么弄才能过。。。。