FB OA Tic-tac-toe

1. Write a simple console app for a tic-tac-toe game. The gameplay should support 1 player versus the computer, and the computer can simply choose random locations on its turn. You can use either C# or Java, and you do not need to write a front-end UI. Tests should be submitted along with the program code.

2. Submit a design for a REST-ful API that would expose this game to a front-end UI. You do not need to actually implement the API or the front-end UI.

Please submit your code and API design at least 24 hours before any phone or in-person interviews, so we can prepare to discuss it with you further. Include with your submission how long you worked on it. We expect it will take about 2-3 hours; you are not expected to spend more than 4 hours total on this code exercise, but you’re welcome to if you like. Feel free to add TODO comments to indicate changes you would make given more time, but otherwise consider this as an on-the-job assignment and utilize professional coding techniques that emphasize simplicity and maintainability.

Note: Do use OO design concepts.