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You are given a DOM tree and have to analyze the <ul> and <ol> list tags within it. Your task is to find the maximum depth of nested <ul>/<ol> list tags. A single <ul>/<ol> list is nested one level deep. Each <ul>/<ol> list inside another <ul>/<ol> list is nested one level deeper. If there are no <ul> or <ol> lists at all in the DOM tree, the depth of nesting is 0.

Note that <ul>/<ol> lists can be nested directly or indirectly, that is, a <ul> list inside a table inside an <ol> list is nested two levels deep.

For example, given an HTML document with the following contents within the <body> tag:

	<li>simple list1</li>

there is a <ul> list nested three levels deep. Namely “elem1” is an a <ul> list which is inside an <ol> list containing “Point”, while this <ol> list is inside another <ul> list containing “Item”.

Write a function:

function solution();

that, given a DOM tree, returns the maximum depth of nested <ul>/<ol> lists.

For example, given the DOM tree of the document shown above, the function should return 3, as explained above.

Assume that:

  • the DOM tree represents a valid HTML5 document;
  • length if the HTMK document does not exceed 4KB;
  • jQuery 2.1 is supported.