Oracle 电面和onsite


实现类似输入一个单词,找出所有以此单词开头的所有单词。 用trie实现。

synchronization mechanism in Java, inheritance in Java

explain polymorphism, explain inheritance, explain thread vs process

Given a dictionary of words and a string of digits (e.g., 463), return a list of words that are formed by mapping the digits. From 1point 3acres bbs

with the phone pad lookup and are also in the dictionary.

For example:

dictionary: god, cat

digits: 463

return [god]

onsite 如下:

蠡口 哟刘玲
蠡口 儿刘吧
算法 菲比纳妾
蠡口 要死留
系统设计 文件系统