eBay SE3 过经

六年经验,现在是Senior Software Engineering


  1. Different description, but same problem as coin change. Find all possible change for given amount of money with some denominations.


第一轮: (1 小时)

  1. Intro
  2. 题目不记得了

第二轮: (1 小时)

  1. Remove duplicate from list of integers
  2. Follow up: read integers from file. File size is 10 times larger than RAM
  3. There are n users, indexed from 0 to n-1. Log file shows the time and two users that got connected. Find the earliest time that each user connected (directly or indirectly) to all others.

午饭 (1 小时)

  1. Lunch & tachnical conversation with manager.

第三轮: (1 小时)

  1. Design slack.

第四轮: (1小时)

  1. Behavioral & Technical questions.
  2. Given list of integers. All integers except one repeated more than once. Find the non-duplicate number.

第五轮: (1 小时)

  1. Java questions.
  2. Given int array and target sum. Print all pairs that their sum equals to target (coding on computer, all others are on whiteboard).
  3. Implement immutable class.