SAP 过经 - 很水

通过 SAP Careers portal 申请的


猎头联系我并安排时间,只问一些HR相关的问题。她定了组里一个engineer 约了电面。



Interviewer seems nice and asked follow up questions if necessary. Started with Java and OOPs fundamental questions. Later went through the Microservice architecture flow. Asked on algorithm and data structure question. Find the Minimum and Maximum of First four numbers in a given array. It went well. Scheduled final round with group of interviewers on webex.


Interview went 2.5 hrs, they started with fundaments of Java and J2EE technologies and asked some design patterns later moved to RestFul concpets, Also coverd SQL related questions.

At the end gave 3 algorithm and data structre questions.Solved all of them well on there shared screen.

经过3个工作日后,recruiter 安排了与Hiring Manager电话。


Just get to know kind of questions make sure I’m aligned with whtat they want. It went 40 min. 几小时后猎头告知offer。 总包裹185K。