Junior Quantitative Analyst (Part time)

大家好,我兼职的一家小型初创公司(based in New York City)正在招聘一名Part time Junior Quantitative Analyst,remote工作。非常适合在学学生(身份允许的话)或者已经工作的朋友。以下是公司和职位的简单介绍。如果感兴趣的话,可以发送resume到eqridgecrest@gmail.com,我会直接把resume forward给director.

About the Firm: The company now is under a stealth stage, uses sophisticated quantitative methods to create value for clients across a range of areas including finance, operations, sales, and human resources. Illustrative projects include developing interactive financial planning and analysis tools, optimizing international shipping routes, and improving pricing and sales strategies. Illustrative clients include fashion technology startups, middle market apparel retailers, and lifestyle brands.

About the Role: Quantitative analysts are key members of the team that have flexibility to engage with a wide range of projects to deliver value creating products and insights for our clients. Part-time analysts work 10-25hrs per week remotely.

Ideal Candidate: We wants to hire analysts with a great attitude who look forward to working in a collaborative environment to help our clients succeed. Good communication skills, programming ( in R ), and familiarity with Tableau are all important.

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