Facebook 脸书 长期内推

Hi friends(之前输入法有问题,用英文写的 :slight_smile: ):
FYI, Facebook is on a hiring spree. If you are interested in applying to Facebook, I am happy to submit a referral for you given that

  1. You have not yet been referred by someone else
  2. You have not interviewed with Facebook in the past 12 months.
  3. You have a good chance of passing the interview (frankly, quite simple as long as you have practiced enough coding questions like >200 coding questions and a fine resume)

If you are interested, please provide some basic information and your resume through this google form, it is going to take less than 2mins. Once you have submitted the form, I will submit a referral on your behalf and let you know within 3 days. I am happy to provide any assistance that I can along this process as well. If you don’t hear me within 3 days, please feel free to explore other options.

Some tips for Facebook coding interview:

  1. Each coding round consists of two questions. Each question has about medium difficulty and it focuses on mainstream data structures and algorithms. You don’t need to worry about dynamic programming, and other hard questions that require specific intuitions.
  2. Facebook evaluates a candidate on four axis
    ○ Communication
    § Understand questions, and get clarity
    § Incorporate hints
    § Describe your ideas that the interviewer can understand
    ○ Problem Solving
    § Raw capability in coming up with good solutions
    § Use appropriate data structures
    § Analyze time and space complexity
    ○ Coding
    § Convert solutions to executable code
    § Organize the code so it can be well understood
    ○ Verification
    § Provide a reasonable set of test cases
    § Find bugs, make correct fixes and explain the bug

Good luck for your job hunting!