AMD 即将进入抄底价位

上周五的半导体板块很有意思, 几乎就只有NVDA一家独大。
一般而言 NVDA的上涨应该带动半导体板块别的股票的上涨,但AMD,SMCI,AVGO,MU,SOXQ等都差点收跌。这种不同步的现象,说明资金在涌入NVDA,但并不是对半导体板块的看好。至于这个资金,一种可能是大庄家的诱多,左手换右手的炒作,另一种可能是散户对NVDA的信仰,不断热钱买入。

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Last Friday’s semiconductor sector was quite interesting, with almost only NVDA dominating. Typically, the rise of NVDA should lead to an increase in other stocks in the semiconductor sector, but AMD, SMCI, AVGO, MU, SOXQ, etc., all closed with little gains. This asynchronous phenomenon suggests that funds are flowing into NVDA, but not necessarily bullish on the semiconductor sector as a whole. As for this capital, one possibility is that it’s orchestrated by major players to lure in more buyers, a kind of manipulation where they buy low and sell high. Another possibility is the faith of retail investors in NVDA, continuously pouring in speculative capital.

Indeed, there are many who believe NVDA can reach 1000, just like many believed in GTC’s significant surge. NVDA’s historical peak is at 974, and I believe it’s unlikely to break in the short term, let alone reach 1000. The 1000 mark seems like bait to lure in retail investors to take the baton.

Of course, there’s also the logic of the big players feasting while the smaller ones get the leftovers. But it’s worth noting that NVDA’s rapid rise from 700 to 900+ raises suspicions of speculation. Wasn’t AMD also suddenly pushed to 227? And where is it now? AMD is nearing 170; anything below 170 is a good opportunity to buy low. I currently don’t hold any AMD stocks and am waiting for a buying opportunity.