Amazon SDE Onsite Experience | Seattle

This was my experience for the onsite i had in Seattle. Hope this helps someone.
SDE-1 , AWS team. No prior Work experience. Just 8 months experience i had in my coop.

I totally had 4 rounds.

Round1 - Bar raiser - behavioural questions for the first 20 mins, then asked me a question on Topological Sort.

Round2 - Entirely Behavioural

Round3 - Letter combinations of a phone number(Leetcode)


Round4 - Level order traversal,
A couple of Java interview Questions - can static methods be overloaded, Diff. between final, finally and finalize.
Find all the nodes that differ by k levels given a root and a target node.

I had done way better than i thought i would have. I just did not solve the ‘k Levels’ Question.
Verdict : Not selected. Told me i was pretty close and get back to him in a few months and he can schedule another interview.