Artificial Intelligence and Research team in Microsoft

This position is for the Artificial Intelligence and Research team in Microsoft.
The interview process started with a phone screening with the Manager:

  • Experiences and interests.
    Technical phone interview:
  • Some behavioral questions.
  • Algorithms question on “Print the nodes in the order of dependency”, there are several nodes which might have dependency on other nodes. We should print the ones with no dependency first and then followed by the nodes that are solely dependent on the nodes which were printed previously and so on.
    Onsite Interview:
  • The onsite interview had 5 rounds.
  • Each round lasted one hour, with some behavioral questions and one or two coding questions.
  • Create a binary search tree from preorder traversal.
  • Find friends and mutual friends upto a depth h in a social network graph.
  • Given a 2D array of Characters find if the words in a list can be created in the 2D array by traversing up, down, left or right.
  • Find an element in a rotated sorted array.
  • Mirror a binary tree.

All the interviews were good and the interviewers shared their experiences on working in different products. The team was young and were working on lot of cool stuff. Microsoft gives you option to travel 2 days earlier to the location and will bear the expenses for food, stay and travel. It was a great interview experience overall.