Expedia - Software Development Engineer

Status: New grad, MS in CS from University of Southern California
Position: Software Development Engineer I at Expedia
Location: Bellevue, Seattle

Stage - I (Hackerrank)
Started off by a Hackerrank test which included questions on trees and arrays. Quite similar to Leetcode’s Easy and Medium Set.

Stage - II (Onsite 4 rounds)

  1. Round 1: Some questions on resume, and then a system design question.
  2. Round 2 and 3: Coding questions very much derived from Leetcode’s Medium and Hard set and followups on the same.
  3. Round 4: This was a non technical round consisting of behavioural questions to see if you would fit in their culture.

There was a lunch break after the 2nd round with one of the developers. Overall experience was nice and so were the interviewers.