Verifone - Senior Software Engineer

Company: Verifone
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Location: Santa Clara,CA

Telephonic: 30 min
Performance Bottleneck Analysis, Database Performance Analysis, Deadlock Detection, Architectural Design, Tools used for analysis

Round 1: System Design -

Question:Verifone Speicific Domain of IOT device management and update basic architecture provided

Define from datamodel to archiectural components , interaction, REST api design.
Push/Pull Technologies with respect to web application and IOT devices

Round 2: Coding + Architectural

  1. Coding - Permutation of a given string
  2. Question related to Database Index , BTree
  3. Architectural related question to you current project ? why certain approach was choose ?
  4. Microservices migration approaches ?

Round 3: Product Manager Round

How the you come up with various question regarding solving product requirment

Round 4: Hiring Manager Round

Soft skill , Issue faced in current company, various challenges faced , how best you could improve if you are to revisit the issue.