Amazon - Web Engineer II

Status: Senior Software Engineer
Position: App Dev (Contractor) at Facebook
Location: Mountain View, CA

Interview Process
Technical phone screen (1 hour):

  • Behavioral questions
  • Algorithm question
    Onsite (5 rounds * 45 minutes):
    1st Round - Pure variations of leadership principles
    2nd Round - (HTML, CSS, JS) question + 10 min of leadership questions
    Lunch - Not sure if I was supposed to pay for lunch, Amazon engineer was not very clear or insistant
    3rd Round - System Design (Amazon search + autocomplete) + 10 min of leadership questions
    4th Round - 45 min of leadership questions and resume review
    5th Round - (HTML, CSS, JS) question + Algorithm question +10 min of leadership questions

I am thankful for having rehearsed the leadership principles beforehand. The frugality leadership principal is cited many times for not having the same perks as the other Big 5 companies.