Google Front End Engineer From Phone to OnStage Interview

Initial contact was with a recruiter, we had an initial phone call going over my experience. Following that, we scheduled our initial technical phone interview.

1st Round:

two Coding exercises: I forgot the problems exactly but the area of topic were: **Hash Tables, Linked Lists and Javascript Promises and closures. **

I was able to provide efficient solution for all of them, speed is key so make sure you review these topics before first round. After that I was contacted by the recruiter inviting me to schedule an onsite interview in mountain view Ca.


google paid for the flight ticket, the rental car, the hotel and food expenses. The hotel was in a good location (close to downtown and the HQ, and close to restaurants etc).

Day Of Interview:

luckily I got there about half hour earlier, it was hard finding parking and exact location, luckily they had a free valet parking who took care of my parking issue.
Once inside, I was given a guest badge and greeted by my recruiter, I had coffee then he walked me to the room where I met my first interviewer.


1st Interview:

Given a dictionnary (array of words) and a stream of characters, find matching words.

2nd Interview:

Straight forward coding exercises involving classic cases of closure and promises.
Tips: review set timeout closure problem and writing a function that takes an array of promises and returns a promise

3rd Interview:

Javascript/HTML problem involving checkboxes.
- problem Part A: given a checkbox: if I check the checkbox (clickAll) check all the other checkboxes, if I click uncheck, uncheck all checkboxes.
- problem Part B: check all to be automatically checked if all other check boxes are checked, and likewise for uncheckAll.
Tips: Make sure to review event bubbling and event listeners.

4th Interview:

Onsite lunch break, they have many restarants onsite, I went with mexican food, while discussing Google and answering my questions.

5th Interview:

HTML/CSS/Javascript Interview:
you’re given an HTML code.
position dropdown under button, set the height automatically.
should use css and JS only.

5th Interview:

Problem: you have links on the page, write a solution that allows you to navigate through the links using a keyboard.


Although I thought I did well, I didn’t get an offer.