Google Onsite Interview Software Engineer in Test(SET)

Initially, phone interview is scheduled but in a week Recruiter called to inform that Phone interview is waived and i am in for direct onsite interview.

Onsite Interview:
Position: Software Engineer in Test(SET)
Location: Mountain View, CA

  1. Design Question : Design an Iterator which has the following methods: skip(), hasnext(), next(). Give examples to test these methods.
  2. Coding question : Given two strings ACBD and ABDB write a function to return two integers one that counts characters of the strings at same index and other count characters of the stings at different index.
    Ex: ACBD and ABDB should return 1, 2 or if input is ABDB and ACBD then output should be 1, 2
    Follow up questions: If there is a continous sequence of characters then how would you handle.

Lunch Break - 45 mins, Lots of options to pick from. Had a great conversation and went for a 10 min walk after lunch.

  1. Testing question: Write all possible test cases to test if the date is a valid format or not. More testing question on flaky tests, interesting bugs found etc.
    Coding question: Given a string and a pattern return Anagramed Index of the pattern in the String.
  2. Testing question: Top causes for flaky tests and reasons and how or what you do to overcome these issues.
    Coding question: Longest Common subsequence question.
  3. Testing question: Test a vending machine, write all the tests that you perform.
    Design Question: Design a web crawler and follow up questions.

Out of 45 mins, around 20-30 mins are gone for testing questions which leaves 15-20 mins for coding questions or design questions. Although I was able to complete most of the coding questions, i am not good at Design questions.

I did not get the offer but my recruiter gave a constructive feedback and wanted to be in touch with me. I felt sad and depressed for couple of days but now I am motivated to improve to work on design and coding skills and continue my job search.