Uber ATG phone interview

I had two rounds with Uber ATG self driving team interview.
Each round took an hour long. The interviewing process is tough.
I have 5 mins to introduce myself and go directly to coding part.
Uber use code pair on phone interviews. Each round has two questions.

1st round: Q1: Word distance II. Q2. Meeting rooms II (premium).
2nd round: Q1: Word Search II. Q2. Sliding window maximum.

Time is really really tight. I finished the coding near to the end of clock.
Have to explain time and space complexity and design your own test case.
Do not forget corner cases with inputs.

Feed backs from HR: you can always ask the recuriter about your interviewer’s feed back. The first round I got a 3/4 since the interviewer did not like my naming of variables. He gave me the problem in python, I have to write it with C++, thus, I missed his naming details and rushed into solving the questions.
The second round, I got a 4/4. The interviewer did not leave any feed back for improvement.