MobiTV Internship Experience

MobiTV Software Engineer Intern

Received an offer from MobiTV for internship.

Status: Master’s student at UC Davis
Position: SDE Intern MobiTV
Location: Berkeley, CA
Date: Feburary 26th, 2019

The interview process and format of each interview, for example:

Technical phone screen (1 hour):

Behavioral questions: General questions on Resume.
Algorithm question: Basic questions on Tries, How to find the first occurance of duplicate element.
Onsite (2 rounds):
Discuss about the intern projects, what they are looking for as a part of internship program.
Some basic questions on HashMap and HashSets.

Que asked: Given a string
s = “aaabbcc” convert into s = “a3b2c2” in O(n) time.

Had dinner during the onsite interview also great office culture.