SDE2 at Amazon Fashion Technology Seattle WA Onsite

Status: 2.5 YoE, BS CS UC Davis Currently SDE II at ATT
Position: SDE2 at Amazon Fashion Technology
Location: Seattle, WA
Date: May 2019

Online coding challenge (2 hours)
- 1 lc easy
- 1 lc med
- 15 extra min to describe your approach and give big O times

Skipped the phone screen because I had other onsites scheduled already and they wanted to onsite me as soon as possible.

Onsite (4 Rounds total 3 technincal):
* Object oriented design and leadership principles (1 hour) (Hiring manager)
* Lots of situational questions about your past experiences
* Make sure to prepare answers to tons of circumstances
* Understand object oriented design practices (EPI helps with this)
* Class Design (1 hour) (Senior SDE + SDE)
* Started with ~10 min of leadership principle questions
* Intentinally vague problem where most of it was determining the requirements and programing something maintainable
* Data Structures/Alg (1 hour) (SDE)
* Started with ~ 10 min of leadership principle questions
* Direct from leetcode/epi started off as LC easy
* Followups were LC med - hard not required to code all of these
* A couple DS based short answers
* Data structures/Alg (1 hour) (Senior manager + principle manager)
* 20+ min of LP questions to start
* Fairly simple alg question direct from epi
* Followup was also direct from epi

This started at 8 am and ended at Noon, no lunch was provided.
The technical portion of the interview seemed like a cakewalk for me after the amount of prep I did (EPI 3 month plan + 100+LC).
The hard part was for sure the LP section.
I got the offer later that same day.

EPI is the book I used to prepare for this + google

请问有没有java 版的EPI?

可以去 推荐一个下载电子书的无敌网站 搜一下