Booking, Android Developer

Status: Experienced, 5 Years of Android/Java Experience
Position: Android Developer
Location: Amsterdam
Date: 16th Feb

Interview Process:
I applied via HackerRank. Received an email notification from HackerRank for the Booking HackerRank coding test.
HackerRank coding Test:

  1. Implement findViewById method
  2. Given a list of words as input, output another list of strings, each containing words that are mutual anagrams.
  3. Identify whether four sides (given by four integers) can form a square, a rectangle or neither.
  4. Output a delta encoding for the sequence. In a delta encoding, the first element is reproduced as-is. Each subsequent element is represented as the numeric difference from the element before it.

P.S: To pass the test, you need to pass all test cases in all the questions

After test submission, I received an email from Booking HR, inviting for an introductory call.

HR Telephonic:
It was more about introduing Booking and the role. Talked about my experience & expectations. A generic HR call.

After few days I received an invite for live code-pair round.

There was 2 questions.
Data Structure : Three integer arrays are given with duplicate numbers. Find the common elements among three arrays.
Android : Complete two classes to download and display an image on a ImageView.

After few days I received an invite to travel to Amsterdam for the onsite interviews.
Booking arranged flight and stay. Visa was taken care by me.

Onsite Interviews:
Total Interviews - 3
Android & Java:

  • Twisted question related to ConcurrentModificationException in an ArrayList
  • How do you implement a hotel list and detail screen. Discuss what all APIs You will create how the layout will be.
  • Fragments & their lifecycle, Activity lifecycle, Views, Layouts
  • Background task in Android - Asynctask, service, intent services etc

Data Structure:

  • Given dates and number of check-in and check-out on those dates. Find the busiest day of the hotel. [Merge Array interval type question]

Team Fit:

  • Generic question about the team work, relationship with leader.
  • Business knowledge of Booking and competition. How booking makes money. Differenece between Expedia & Booking in terms of nature of business.

Interviewer and HR both are nice and quite supportive. Amsterdam is beautiful.