Amazon SDE II Online+Onsite

Status : 8 years software development experince, B.Tech CS, MS CS, MBA
Position : SDE2 at Amazon
Location : Bangalore, India
Date : May 25, 2019

Online AMCAT test(2 hour):

  • 2 Algorithm question
  • Behavourial question
    Onsite Technical Interview:
  1. Technical Round 1
  • Tree traversal to find node at kth position
  • Tree travesral to find nodes K distance from Z node
  1. Technical Round 2
  • DP Question : From a given set of array of oranges find the best possible arrangment N people can choose M without collision and they are contigous
  1. Systm Design
  • Design a dropbox like application
  1. Techno Managerial
  • Behavourial question
  • Maze question : Find no. of way to reach M by N people

Overall :
Negative exprience. The interview environment is not good. Treated like unwanted people
I had to wait 4 hours for my first technical discusison to start even when I arrived on time. By that time I didnt wanted to give the interview any more.

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