Amazon SDE experience

phone interview
design program to view most recently visited items of a customer in ( slowly it turns out to be LRU implementation, but you need to drive this). once we identified the solution, interviewer asked me to finish the complete code.


round 1 :
30 mins LP ( a moment where I made quick decision, a moment I am proud of and some more)
25 mins coding qtn : given a sorted array print the ranges Ex : I/P : [ 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11] o/p : [“1-5”, “8-9”, “11”]

round 2:
30 mins LP : ( tell about a challenging project I worked and some more)
design sytem to detect earth quakes. It has to send alerts to all users and scientists.

round 3 :
60 mins LP

1 hr lunch with lunch buddy

round 4 :
30 mins LP :
design Amazon locker : ( write classes and complete the code)

round 5:
30 mins LP ( tell us about time you did evangilism, tell us about a time where you had to work on problem which you had no idea etc)
design Find command in Linux (ex : Find -type xml will list all xml files in the current directory). write complete code, it should be extensible to add more parameters such as Find -size 5MB).

my advise write down lot of real life examples that match 14 Amazon LP. It is hard to recollect moments of your life during interview.

I didn’t receive the offer. I think, it is because I messed up the system design round. I missed the fact that earth quake detector has to be realtime ( I wish interviewer helped me here).
Also, while writing code check with the interviewer if you can skip common parts, so you can come to the main problem quickly. also make sure your varible names are short, so you can write the code faster on white board )