VMware CodeHouse Palo Alto (Aug 10 - 13, 2019)

基本上是VMware办的一个类似GHC的活动,一年一次,费用全包,貌似一年只招20个即将毕业的,CS相关专业的女孩子,20人分成5组,每组一个mentor, 进行为期3天的hackathon活动。



以下是一位同学收到的关于VMware CodeHouse Palo Alto 的邮件:

I’m reaching out to you this morning as we’re hosting an event in Palo Alto this Summer.
VMware is excited to share an incredible opportunity created to support and empower women pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering - CodeHouse.

An invitation only, multi-day, all-expense-paid coding experience for 20 female STEM students hosted at an executive home in the heart of Silicon Valley.
The event will be hosted on August 10th - August 13th, 2019.

I wanted to share this with you to see if you had anyone you’d recommend who may be interested (preferably, someone pursuing their BS, MS, or PhD, approaching their final semester or final year - graduating in December 2019 or Spring 2020).
There are a few ways you can share the opportunity:

  1. All interested applicants can apply directly at the following link -
    Beamery Pages

  2. You can share their information / profiles directly with me
    (I will guide them to the application page after I’ve contacted them)

Once applied / introduced, I will be happy to share more specifics about the project itself (or what we have planned at this point).Again, if there’s anyone you’d recommend, I’d be more than happy to connect with them. I appreciate any help / direction in advance!

类似 GHC 吗?只招女孩子,而且只招20人