airbnb data science面经 (附最全cross functional interview题整理)

第二轮take home data challenge, 72 hours to finish, 做完要做一个简短的ppt,附上code。

第三轮跟manager的skype interview, 45min,主要是go through ppt,然后说了一个scenario问应该从哪些方面考虑之类的。
第四轮是cross functional的fit interivew,30min

我整理的cross functional 题目:
· what brings you to airbnb?/why airbnb?

· what can you teach your co-workers after you getin?

· describe a person whom you admire most.

· describe your experience with Airbnb

· where have you been to?

· what will you do if you win a lottery such asPowerball?

· what is the biggest fear in your life?

· how do describe Airbnb to a people back to 2003?

· if you have a book that writes about your wholelife, will you read it? why?

· if you have a time machine, and you can eithergo back or go forth, will you choose to go back or to go forth?

· among all the features of airbnb, what do youwant to improve?

· 描述一件你当时觉得非常risky的事情,你是怎么做的,结果如何

· Are you a risktaker or are you risk averse?

· What made you decide to apply for Airbnb

· What do you suppose Airbnb to become in thefuture 5 years

· How do you think Airbnb has been working on thatdirection in the past 5 years.

· If Airbnb disappeared one day, what do you thinkshould be written on Airbnb’s tomb

· What do you do outside of school and work

· What will you suggest for Airbnb’s developmentin China

· 有什么事你觉得你做不成,但最后做成功了的;

· 你给过别人最好的礼物是什么

· the most hospitable person you met,

· the biggest trade off in your project.

· 如果有一张机票可以飞去世界的任何地方,你会去哪?

· 你有什么帮助别人的经历?

· 你有什么最自豪的经历?

· 如果你现在创业,会做什么?

· 你如何看待Airbnb在中国的发展?

· describe one time that you fail?

· what is the world problem you want to solve? and why is this problemimportant?

· When working in teams, describe a time you made the biggest sacrifice

· Describe the best team you’ve worked with

· Describe a company that you think is doing really well and explainwhy.

· Describe one of the creative things you have done recently

· 对于在airbnb工作有什么顾虑吗

· 觉得airbnb最大的挑战是什么,

· 旅行经历

· 对airbnb文化的理解

· 我对自己的理解

· 我的character是怎么和airbnb文化conform的。

· 有啥哪些人的善举让你记忆深刻

· 给你教员工的机会你会教什么内容

· 有什么人生的挫折之后你缓过来了的

· 你见过的人里面,最让你有归属感的

· 你啥会儿让人有过归属感

· 给别人最推荐的东西