Bank of America(Merrill Lynch) SJT 以及 Hirevue题库

好像地里BOA实习的面经特别少,今天刚结束BOA的Hirevue面特来地里发一贴,求米!!10.2 投递HK的Global Quantitative Strategist Summer Intern,网站直接显示10.19要完成SJT(situation judgement test)
10.6 完成SJT,一共19道题目,建议20分钟完成,没有时间限制,不建议超过20分钟因为他家SJT会刷人。应届生上有题库而我没有刷,因为刷了也没什么用。。
Note:前几年有Numerical test近几年估计没有了,因为我没看到面经,以及作为一个Quant program都没有,其他的更没有了,所以大家不用费尽心机刷numerical和logical了。

  • 1.Introduce yourself and why interested in BOA [Self-introduction and why would you like to work with us]
  • 2.Tell me about a time you take initiative and push your job over requirement
  • 3.Describe a time you need to make a difficult decision. How did you approach it and what decision you have made?
  • 4.Tell me about a time you be a true team player and lead team to succeed
  • 5.Describe a time when you are not given clear tasks or instructions in a project.[projects give you little instruction, what you approach you use to solve it]
  • 6.Teams are often made up of people with perspectives and ideas different from your own. Tell us about a time when you worked on such a team? How did the differing perspectives lead to team success?
  • 7.Tell me about a time when a project you were working on went wrong. How did you resolve it?
  • 8.Describe a situation where you sought out relevant information, defined key issues and decided on which steps to take to get the desired results.
  • 9.Describe a time you have disagreement with others and how to handle it
  • 10.Describe a time you identify a problem and take the initiative to resolve it.
  • 11.是楼主碰到的第二题,大概是your key accomplishments to illustrate your potential to finish a job as requirement。




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