Audible Software Developer Engineer Newark 过经

我是 New grad, MS CS
地点在 SDE1 at Audible
地点: Newark

Hacker Rank

Received a hacker rank inline assesment on 16 September with two questions to complete. The questions were pretty simple.


  • Read from a file
  • Processing on the input
  • Write to two different files

Question 2:
Not a direct question from leetcode, but would have been a Leetcode Medium.

Completed the coding assesment on 18 September.
Received the invite to have a chat with the recruiter over the call.


Questions related to Java.Even though I was not very comfortable in Java, But I managed to answer the questions.

  • Lookup times in Arraylist VS Linked List
  • Can there be a null value in the key for a Hasmap/Treeset.
  • Can we inherit static function.
  • Some more Trivia type questions

The recruiter told that I passed the test right away and asked to wait for the onsite interviews (Super Day).

Super Day
The flight and stay were taken care of by Audible. There were 40 students who arrived to attend the super day. The Interview was in 2 shifts. I was in the later shift.

第一轮 ( Technical )

The interviewer was very nice he asked few behavioral questions in the starting.
Then he jumped to the coding question

I can not share the exact question, but it was a medium question from trees.

I was able to quickly come up with the solution and was asked to code it on whiteboard.He mentioned a few modifications to the question as well.

第二轮 ( Technical )

The interviewer jumped directly to behviorial questions and was constantly noting down every word that I said.

Coding part

Leetcode Hard question on backtracking. I was really stumped by the question since all the other glassdoor expreiences mentioned easy and medium questions.

I was able to work through the problem and come up with the solution. The interviewer was not very happy initilally with the solution but then he decided to do a dry run but it turned out that my approach was correct.

He asked me to optimise my solution, so I suggested to use memorization to prevent further checks. He asked about the complexity of the solution but I was not able to come up with a correct answer.

This got me a lot nervous, but he assured me that I was doing well and should be calm.

第三轮 ( Behavioral )

The interviewer was a very nice person. He explained me about the work his team is doing and we ended up talking on the matter for some time.
He started putting questions which were normal LP questions related to the projects that were in my resume.

第四轮 ( Technical )

This round was supposed to be a OOD round but ended up being a pure coding round. The interviewer drew a screen on the board and drew some random shapes on the board and asked how many shapes are there in the board.

I told 4, He said code it !!! :slight_smile:

Overall it was a great experience, everybody working there were pretty happy with what they were doing.