TEK systems interview experience 2020 Batch

They had 4 rounds basically.

  • Online Test
  • HR + MR round
  • Technical 1
  • Technical 2

Online round has apptitude, programming, verbal and 2 coding questions
coding questions were bit difficult to solve . Atleast 1 needed to be solved here.

HR + MR was 20 min round just basic things about you and communication skills were tested.

Technical 2 round was having questions on DBMS, JAVA, Python, and DS…Be through with CV…I got some ML questions since i had mentioned it in my CV…It went for about 35-40 mins.

Technical 2 round was having a programming questions and query to solve and they were needed to be executed.And some basic questions on C++.It also went for about 10-15 min…this rounds time depends on you how quickly you solve questions…

This entire process went for about 16 days and at the end they selected 2 students and i was one among them…

The worst thing is that all were skype rounds and u have to have program execution practise since they check you upon online screen sharing editor.