Nutanix OA

There are certain parts of a fence which need to be painted. Tom wants to divide work in such a way that each person gets exactly 1 contiguous part of the fence to paint.

Calculate number of ways in which Tom can divide the work. 2 ways are distinct if they don’t have exactly the same number of of pieces allocated.

n = Number of parts of fence
arr = State of the fence. 1 indicates that the part needs to be painted, 0 means it does not need to be painted.

Test Cases:
n = 5, arr = 10101
Output = 4

The ways to divide the fence are:

n = 2, arr = 00
Output = 0
The fence does not need any painting

面的是 MTS developer new grad,两题

Q1 : Broken calculator

Q2: Minimum number of operations need to perform to read all unread emails.