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总共4题,用 Hackerrank.

Question 1 :

Question 2 :

Question 3 :

There are n people standing in line to buy show tickets.Due to high demand, the venue sells tickets according to the following rules:

The person at the head of the line can buy exactly one ticket and must then exit the line.
if a person needs to purchase additional tickets,they must re-enter the end of the line and wait to be sold their next ticket(assume exit and re-entry takes zero seconds).
Each ticket sale takes exactly one second.
We express initial line of n people as an array, tickets = [tickets0, tickets1 … ticketsN-1], where ticketsi denotes the number of tickets person i wishes to buy. If Jesse is standing at a position p in this line, find out how much time it would take for him to buy all tickets. Complete the waiting time function in the editor below. It has two parameters:

An array, tickets, of n positive integers describing initial sequence of people standing in line. Each ticketsi describes number of tickets that a person waiting at initial place.
An integer p, denoting Alex’s position in tickets.

Sample Input 5 2 6 3 4 5
Sample Output
Sample Input 4 5 5 2 3
Sample Output