[Amazon] 亚麻OA+Onsite面经全分享

OA: 比较简单的题目,主要考BFS, DFS,题目定期更换目


所有轮都是先20分钟BQ,再做technical question

第一轮:白人面试官,题目是Diameter of Binary Tree

第二轮:白人manager+亚洲人senior,考的system design,题目是design a system that can retrieve and upload pictures related to products

第三轮:黑人面试官,题目是设计in-memory key-value store

第四轮:中国人manager+中国人sde,题目是word search II


Tell me a time when you encountered unexpected obstacles

Tell me a time when you disagree with your boss? Follow up: When you strongly disagree with your boss, what would you do?

Tell me when you have to meet tight deadline